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Published on 07.26.2023, by Isabelle Gacha

Today we are at Tamburrini Trasporti, in the province of Macerata, Italy, with Pierpaolo and Lorenzo Tamburrini, sons of the company’s founder, a longtime Easytrip Transport Services customer, and the third generation, that is already working in the company!


Your company is a tale of entrepreneurial passion in the transport sector! Lorenzo, can you tell us more about Tamburrini?

We are proud to carry on our father’s name and company by continuing to invest in our community. Our father started the company in the 90s, and my brother Pierpaolo and I joined and diversified our operations with the first integrated logistics services for goods delivery. We implemented innovative customer services to satisfy our customers’ needs and ensure the utmost flexibility, punctuality, and goods handling. The company has since then grown, and we invested in multiple transportation equipment such as tarpaulins, dust tanks, and crane services. To date, we have an ever[1]expanding fleet of more than 50 vehicles.


Like Easytrip Transport Services, you focus on high level of customer service. What do you think are the best tools to ensure customer satisfaction?

Transport companies can now rely on advanced mobility services that simplify fleet operations; it’s easy to collect data from the vehicles with onboard satellite units for tractors and trailers, chronograph data management platforms, active and passive safety sensors, and fuel sensors. Then, by plugging the data into business management systems, to determine the cost[1]effectiveness of different routes. With onboard units, we send timely information to our customers so they can track deliveries in real time! On the other side, with the chrono platform, we check the availability status of our drivers to arrange the best journeys based on their location and remaining driving hours. These technologies give us a competitive advantage and an estimate of the fuel we save, which is critical in tackling climate change.

Lorenzo, can you give us examples of the latest technologies you have adopted?

For our fleet, we adopted the Easytrip Transport Services/KMaster solution in its most complete version, Connected. We have chosen it because it is the most cost-effective solution. We can manage three different services with one device: pay tolls on all the European highways, a geo-positioning platform for our fleet, and a chrono platform. Before, we had dedicated hardware and software for each service, and our fleet manager had to extrapolate data from different sources and then interpret it with delays and mistakes. The platform comes with many features, like the tolls calculator (to estimate the overall toll costs of your drivers’ journeys), webcams on the Italian highway network, and the option to insert safety corridors within a route. Our preferred feature is the one for managing the tachograph cards: our drivers no longer visit the company to download their data. We receive them automatically when the vehicle shuts down, so we always have their availability schedule for planning and assigning trips. Integrating the chrono platform with our ERP makes it convenient to manage everything and extrapolate data for the payroll. We also print warning letters to alert drivers of effractions and produce reports certifying loading and unloading or waiting times at loading bays.


Alessio, you are the fleet manager and use the Easytrip Transport Services/KMaster platform daily. Please tell us more about its benefits!

We connected the platform with fleet and warehouse management software through the APIs and chose the best setup for each vehicle: it is incredibly intuitive, and anyone can learn how to use it! We activated the chrono function on the whole fleet. It gives us in-depth details of the drivers’ driving habits; we keep track of the best drivers with fewer infractions per kilometer, and we can safely archive the data for up to five years and retrieve them in case of authorities’ controls. We also implemented the fuel function that highlights the driver’s driving style depending on the route and the load. For valuable cargo transportation, we activated the automatic Safety & Security function: it handles the driver’s non-authentication at start-up, the lockout of the vehicle, and the alarm for opening or closing cargo doors. I am also a fan of the KMaster App! With my phone, I communicate with the drivers and check the status of the vehicles in real time, and they communicate with me without distractions. I can share a change of mission with them by forwarding a new route via the App. If there is a display on the vehicle, the system will also update the destination! All cargo communication from pickup to discharge is easily accessible in one place.


Tamburrini also handles international transport. How do you manage to use one platform with your colleagues abroad?

It’s straightforward: the GPS and chrono features are available internationally, so locating vehicles and drivers is not a problem. The portal is translated into many languages, including English and “choose language”! In retrospect, we believe that the integration of the KMaster service with our system was a very good decision that increased the efficiency of our company’s operations.


If you’re facing similar challenges or seeking reliable solutions, I encourage you to contact us. Our team is ready to assist you and help you achieve remarkable results.

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