Telematics & Toll Bundle

Combine Telematics with your Toll device

Telematics & Toll Bundle

Combine Telematics with your Toll device

Optimize your Toll SAT OBU with Telematics Options

Pay your Tolls in multiple European countries while taking advantage of Telematics features with one single device

No additional telematics hardware installation

Monthly Subscription fees only

Monthly subscription fees only


Manage your vehicles in real time

Telepass K1 SAT Box for your HGVs

Activate KMaster option on your Telepass Toll SAT device

  • Pay tolls in 17 countries.
  • Over The Air functionality: remotely add, remove countries, vehicle data and license plates in real time.
  • Pay for selected ferry lines and parkings.
  • Benefit from a dedicated app for driver : toll domains details, OBU status, vehicle data visualization and weight/ axles adjustments, virtual label viewing (including vehicle declaration), push notifications.
  • Activate KMaster telematics option to monitor vehicles and drivers’ activities.

Activate AFM option on your Axxès Toll SAT device

  • Real time monitoring and information on the fleet - Live Tracking (Track&Trace)
  • Route plan simulation and toll costs estimation
  • Real time traffic information
  • Historical Trips analysis
  • Geofencing (set your POI) / Reports
  • Notifications and alerts
  • App Driver and App Manager

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