Legal mentions

1.      Website presentation

Users of the website are hereby informed of the identity of the various parties involved in its development and monitoring:

Licensee: EASYTRIP B.V., a company incorporated in the Netherlands, registered with the companies’ registry under number 412690, whose registered office is at Jacobus Lipsweg 120-122, 3316BP Dordrecht, the Netherlands.

Web agency: Peppercube 

Responsible publisher: Easytrip Communication Department:

Hosting service provider: ATE

2.      Terms and conditions for the use of the website and proposed services

Using the website under the domain name implies full acceptance of the terms and conditions hereinafter described. These terms and conditions may be amended or supplemented at any time; users of the Website are therefore requested to read them from time to time.

This website is normally accessible to users at any time. However, an interruption for technical maintenance reasons may be decided by Easytrip Transport Services, who will then make every effort to inform users beforehand of the dates and times of the intervention.

The Website is updated by the Communication & Marketing Department from time to time. Similarly, the legal notice and disclaimer may be amended at any time: they are nevertheless binding on the user, who is invited to refer to them as often as possible in order to take note of them.

Any unauthorised access to the source code of the Website with the purpose or effect of, in particular, introducing malicious software, diverting information or, more generally, changing its structure, is prohibited. Easytrip Transport Services may take or cause to be taken any measure to put an end to the disturbance and ensure the defence of its interests.

3.      Description of the services provided

The purpose of the Website is to provide information concerning all the company’s activities.

Easytrip Transport Services strives to provide on the Website information as accurate as possible. However, it shall not be held responsible for omissions, inaccuracies or deficiencies in updates, whether caused by itself or by third party partners who provide it with this information.

All the information given on the Website is indicative only and is subject to change. Furthermore, the information featured on the Website is not exhaustive. It is given subject to any changes that have occurred since it was published.

4.      Limitation of liability

Easytrip Transport Services shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage caused to the user or his/her equipment in connection with the Website or the use, inability to use or the consequences of the use of the Website.

Easytrip Transport Services shall, in no case, be held liable for any possible errors on the Website, nor for the completeness, and relevance of information and data processed.

Easytrip Transport Services makes its best efforts to provide a Website in accordance with the state of the art in terms of security and confidentiality. However, it cannot guarantee absolute security. It shall not be liable in the event of malfunction, impossibility of access, or poor conditions of use of the Website due to unsuitable equipment, malfunctions internal to the user’s Internet access provider, Internet network congestion, or for any other reasons beyond its control.

Thus, Easytrip Transport Services provides no guarantee as to the absence of computer viruses or any other malicious or harmful computer program, or the absence of hacking or other security holes on the Website or on websites linked to it. It is the user’s responsibility to verify that they are using appropriate antivirus software.

In order to use the website, the user must have the skills, hardware and software required to use the Internet. The user acknowledges that the characteristics and constraints of the Internet cannot guarantee the confidentiality, availability and integrity of data during their transit through the Internet.

Easytrip Transport Services reserves the right to make changes or interrupt temporarily or permanently, all or part of the Website, without notice or compensation of any kind, which the user accepts. Likewise, Easytrip Transport Services shall not be held liable for any errors, interruptions or lack of availability of information.

Easytrip Transport Services shall not be liable for any failure to fulfil any of its obligations hereunder caused by problems beyond its reasonable control.

5.      Intellectual property rights

All information on the Website (documents contained on the website and all elements created for the website) is owned by Easytrip Transport Services and its subsidiaries, and is subject to applicable intellectual property regulations.

Any extraction, through permanent or temporary transfer, of all or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the content of the website onto another medium, by any means or in any form whatsoever, as well as the reuse, by making available to the public all or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the content of the website, whatever the form, are unlawful.

No licence, nor any right other than that to visit the website, is granted to the users of this website. The reproduction of any and all documents published on the website is authorised solely for informational purposes in the context of personal and private use; any reproduction and any use of copies made for other purposes is expressly prohibited in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations on intellectual property. Easytrip Transport Services reserves the right to assert its rights before any relevant court.

Unless otherwise stated, the company names, logos, products and trademarks mentioned in this website are the property of Easytrip Transport Services. They may not be used without the prior written authorisation of Easytrip Transport Services. If Easytrip Transport Services’ distinctive signs are used without prior authorisation, Easytrip Transport Services reserves the right to assert its rights before any relevant court.

Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication, adaptation of all or part of the elements of the site, whatever the means or the process used, is prohibited, without prior written authorisation from Easytrip Transport Services. Any request should be addressed to the attention of the Communication & Marketing Department:

6.      Protection of personal data and cookies

6.1. Our engagements

All transactions on your personal data are carried out in compliance with the regulations in force and in particular General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679 of 27 April 2016).

Easytrip, as the controller, respects the following principles:

  • your personal data are only used for explicit, legitimate and determined purposes related to our various professions,
  • only the personal data that is useful to us are collected,
  • we do not store your personal data beyond the time required for the transactions for which they were collected, or those prescribed by the regulations,
  • we inform you, in a clear and transparent way, in particular about the purpose of use of your personal data, the optional or mandatory nature of your answers in the forms and your data protection rights.

6.2. Personal data gathering

The concept of “Personal Data” means any information relating to a natural person identified or who can be identified, directly or indirectly, by reference to an identification number or to one or more elements that are specific to him. When Easytrip Transport Services collects your personal data, this collection is carried out in a fair and transparent manner thanks to the presence of information or reference to this Policy.

Personal data may be collected without this list being exhaustive:

> Via forms published on the websites of Easytrip Transport Services:

  • subscription to our newsletters,
  • send mail via our contact forms,
  • comment form on the Blog,
  • etc;

> Via the collection of personal data during the establishment of a contract or service, or during its execution and management of associated services, customer satisfaction survey, etc.

Whatever the support of the collection, the compulsory nature of the answers is indicated in the forms. If you do not wish to provide such information, you may not be able to access certain services or features. Other information is intended to know you better and is therefore optional.
When collecting personal data, you will be solely responsible for the legal consequences that result from any misrepresentation or omissions on your part.

6.3. Using your data

Your personal data are only used for the purposes specified on the input forms.

Easytrip Transport Services undertakes to process only personal data which are adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which they are collected for.

Easytrip Transport Services are legally obliged to verify that your personal data are accurate, complete and, if necessary, updated. We may ask you to check it or to complete your file.

6.4. Recipients and Subcontracting

Your personal data will only be communicated to authorized Easytrip Transport Services personnel.
Easytrip Transport Services may use subcontractors (any company or legal entity who process personal data following the Data Controller directives) for the processing of all or part of the personal data to the extent necessary to the fulfillment of their services.
Easytrip Transport Services undertakes not to sell, rent or transfer your personal data to third parties without your consent.
Easytrip Transport Services may be required to transmit your personal data without your prior consent in order to comply with a legal requirement, regulatory or request for the provision of personal data by an authorized third party.

6.5. Protection rules

Easytrip Transport Services undertakes to implement the technical and organizational rules likely to provide reasonable assurance that the personal data it processes are protected in an appropriate manner, in particular with regard to risks and impacts on privacy, and this in accordance with the applicable law.
These measures ensure that your personal data will not be damaged, erased, or accessed by unauthorized third parties.

6.6. Data transfers control

Personal data are stored in European Union territory and are not transferred outside the European Union. Where applicable, for recipients outside the European Union, we make every effort to ensure strict control of transfers so that they are limited to countries listed by the European Commission as sufficiently protecting the data or to recipients who comply with European regulations.

6.7. The duration of the conservation

Easytrip Transport Services processes and stores personal data in a secure environment for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected for. The retention period is specified in the collection form and in the special conditions for use of the forms concerned.

6.8. Your rights

You have rights:

  • to access your personal data,
  • to ask for their rectification in case of error or to complete them,
  • to ask for their erasure,
  • to request the limitation of their processing,
  • to ask for their portability,
  • to oppose their processing, and
  • to define guidelines for the fate of your data after your death.

To exercise your rights, please refer to the “Contact” section below by enclosing with your request a copy of a valid identity document (identity card or passport).

6.9. Your obligations

You are required to comply with the provisions of the law relating to computers, files and freedoms, of which may be punished as a criminal offence by law.

In particular, you must refrain from any collection, processing, misuse and, in general, any act likely to infringe privacy of personal data or reputation of the individual(s).

6.9.1. Cookies

A cookie is a small text file saved by the browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone that allows us to keep track of your visit. We use cookies on Easytrip Transport Services website to provide you with a better, personalized and secure browsing experience during the period of validity or registration of the cookie.

For your perfect information, some cookies are essential to the use of the site, others allow to optimize and personalize the displayed contents. The cookies are dropped by Easytrip Transport Services or by third parties.

If you have not set your browser to accept this file type, you will not have access to all the features of Easytrip Transport Services site.

The Easytrip Transport Services site may use the 4 categories of cookies below which purposes are described below:

> Statistical cookies and audience measurement (Google Analytics, AddThis)

They optimize the site, solve bugs, improve the quality of our services, and measure the audience. The data collected anonymously by this type of cookie are:

  • where a user comes from (search engine, search keywords, link);
  • the number of visits of each user, and the date of the first visit, the previous visit, and the current visit;
  • how long the user stays on the Site (when a visit starts and when it ends);
  • the pages you visit and the information you search for or download, including, but not limited to, location data, weblogs, and other communication data;
  • information about your computer (including your IP address), your connections, your operating system, your browser.

The use of these cookies does not allow the identification of people. When this information concerns you or is likely to identify you, we will treat it as personal data. Personal data collected is therefore not cross-checked with other data processing of personal data.

> Advertising cookies

This type of cookie known as “third party cookie”, is dropped by the servers of the domains of the Easytrip Transport Services partners (advertising agencies or commercial partners). These cookies allow:

  • display personalized advertisements based on the user’s profile,
  • limit the number of appearances of each advertisement,
  • evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

For these third-party cookies, they are dropped by external companies under their responsibility.

> Authentication cookies

They are installed once you log in to your account. The next time you log in, it identifies you as an existing user, avoiding the need to enter your username to log in. We use these cookies to recognize you and thus show you the right information and personalize your use.

> Preferences cookies

They allow us to help your browser to remember your preferences, such as:

  • your language preference,
  • your communication preferences, etc.

By using the Easytrip Transport Services site, and checking the “Ok, I understand” box, you agree that cookies as described above may be dropped on your computer / smartphone / tablet in accordance with this document (checkbox for some cookies).

The date of expiration of these cookies is one year maximum from their first insertion.

If you prefer not to receive these cookies, you can at any time choose to disable them by changing the settings of your browser. You can accept or reject them on a case-by-case basis or refuse them once and for all. We draw your attention to the fact that limiting their use may lead to degradation of navigation on Easytrip Transport Services website (some features may no longer work).

The configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of your browser, which will allow you to know how to change your wishes for cookies.

6.9.2. Update and modification of the policy

This Policy may be modified, completed or updated to comply with any legislative, regulatory, jurisprudential or technical changes.

Our goal is to provide you with our Policy and to regularly notify you of any changes to this Policy, so that you are always fully informed of how we protect your personal information.

6.9.3. Contact

To exercise your rights, or if you have any questions or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy, or if you wish to make any recommendations or comments, please contact us by email at

7.      Applicable law and jurisdiction

Any dispute related to the validity, to the interpretation of this legal notice and disclaimer, to the use of the website shall be governed by the law of the Netherlands. The relevant courts of Amsterdam shall have exclusive jurisdiction.