Ferry, Tunnel and Train Bookings

Your Transport connections between Road, Rail and Sea

Ferry, Tunnel and Train Bookings

Your Transport connections between Road, Rail and Sea

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Add a Ferry, Tunnel or Rail Booking to Your Journey

Our dedicated Booking Department simplifies your connections between road, rail, and sea transport.
We offer competitive prices, dedicated customer service by phone via our exclusive online Booking Portal, and fast booking confirmations via text or email.

Easytrip Ferry Booking services for fleet

Ferry routes

Access over 700 ferry routes across all major European sea corridors –
Baltic Sea, Western Europe, Southwest Europe, and Southeast Europe

Frejus and Mont Blanc tunnels crossings

Simplify your travels between Italy / France and the Alpine tunnels

Train connections

Access to all the major European Rolling Road (ROLA) connections in ltaly, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia

Benefit from the largest range of Booking options for your fleet

Dedicated Customer Care available during on-call hours in the evening and on weekends

Most extensive partnership with the major operators in Europe


Fast response and confirmation via sms and email

Competitive discount and customized pricing

Online portal

Exclusive online portal – easy and fast Quotation & Booking

Our Booking Services at a glance

Not yet client and need a Booking?

Already Q&B client?

Book directly your ferry, rail or tunnel routes in our dedicated online portal.

Our providers

We’ve got an outstanding roster of providers that allows us to give you the most comprehensive services available!


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