Easytrip Transport Services: Elevating Customer Satisfaction with Advanced Tools

Published on 05.26.2023, by Isabelle Gacha

Easytrip Transport Services is committed to delivering exceptional customer service. Through the utilization of cutting-edge tools, they ensure customer satisfaction by streamlining fleet operations and implementing innovative technologies. Transport companies can now rely on state-of-the-art mobility services that simplify they daily activity.

One notable example is the K1 Toll SAT box and his KMaster Telematics option. By combining the KMaster option with the latest Toll payment OBU, you not only enhance operational efficiency but also equip your drivers with one of the most advanced devices available in the market. The K1 SAT box allows you to pay your toll expenses in 14 European countries (soon to be expanded to 18, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Croatia) and offers convenient ferry and parking payment services.

The KMaster platform offers several valuable features, such as the toll calculator for estimating overall toll costs and the ability to define safety corridors within routes. Additionally, it enables convenient management of tachograph cards, eliminating the need for drivers to physically visit your company for data downloads. By integrating the chrono platform with your ERP, you can efficiently manage operations, extract data for payroll, and even send warnings to drivers regarding violations. Furthermore, the platform facilitates generating reports certifying loading and unloading times at loading bays.

By equipping your trucks with this device and your drivers with the dedicated application, you will benefit from the best tools for:

  • Data-driven Decision Making : By integrating the collected vehicle data into business management systems, you gain the ability to determine the cost-effectiveness of different routes. This empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your operations accordingly.
  • Real-time Delivery Tracking : With KMaster Telematics option you can provide customers with timely information, enabling them to track their deliveries in real time. This transparency enhances their experience and builds trust in your services.
  • Efficient Resource Allocation : The chronograph data management platform allows you to check the availability status of your drivers. This information enables you to plan the best journeys based on their location and remaining driving hours, optimizing resource allocation and ensuring efficient operations.
  • Climate-conscious Approach : These technologies not only provide a competitive advantage but also contribute to tackling climate change. By estimating the fuel savings achieved through data-driven route planning, you can actively work towards reducing carbon emissions.


For secure cargo transportation, you can take advantage of the Safety & Security function. This feature handles driver authentication, vehicle lockouts, and alarms for cargo door openings or closings, ensuring the safety of valuable shipments.


To experience the benefits of the KMaster solution and explore the capabilities of the K1 device, place your order here. Discover how these cutting-edge tools can transform your operations and elevate customer satisfaction.


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