Heavy Goods Vehicle Tolls for the Mont Blanc Tunnel

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The Mont Blanc tunnel is a vital artery between France and Italy for road hauliers. Find out about the toll prices and how this crossing can be made by choosing the right solution at an affordable rate with Easytrip Transport Services.

Many carriers, trucks, coaches, and other road professionals cross the Mont Blanc Tunnel from France to Italy because it’s an efficient way to transport goods to Italy by truck. Everyone has to pay the toll fees to cross the Tunnel, revised systematically every January. 


The Mont Blanc mountain is the highest summit in Western Europe. Having an altitude of 4,808 m (15,774 ft; it is the king of the French Alps and is considered the dream of many professional climbers. Drilling a tunnel for road hauliers through this picturesque mountain was an engineering marvel and was, for many centuries, an unthinkable feat. 


In this article we will take a look at information and data that will help us to learn more about the Mont Blanc Tunnel

  1. Focus on the France-Italy Route
  2. How long is the Mont Blanc Tunnel?
  3. What is the purpose of the Mont Blanc Tunnel ?
  4. Mont Blanc Tunnel Traffic stats
  5. How to pay the tolls of the Montblanc tunnel
  6. Easytrip Transport Services: A One Stop Shop for Heavy Goods Vehicles travelling throughout Europe
  7. Crossing the Mont Blanc Tunnel with Easytrip Transport Services
  8. Mont Blanc Toll Rates for Heavy Goods Vehicles

Focus on the France-Italy Route

A fast route between the French Savoie and the Italian Piedmont, the Mont Blanc tunnel consists of a single road in two directions. It connects the Chamonix valley (Upper Savoy, France) and the Aosta Valley (Italy). This road tunnel can be crossed between two major national and international trade lines.

How long is the Mont Blanc Tunnel?

The Mont Blanc Tunnel is a tunnel that connects France and Italy through the Alps. The Tunnel is 11.6km long (8.6m wide), with a journey time of 17 minutes and an altitude of 1274m on the French side and 1381m on the Italian side. The rock above the Tunnel is nearly 3km thick at its midpoint, 1395.5 meters above sea level!

What is the purpose of the Mont Blanc Tunnel?

Drilled under the Northern Alps, the Tunnel allows a route between Chamonix on the French side and Courmayeur on the Italian side. Extending over a distance of 11611 m, the two lanes of traffic are 3.55 m wide, and the road slightly slopes in the France-Italy direction. Offering an unbeatable shortcut for road users and hauliers, 786,285 heavy goods vehicles crossed the Mont Blanc tunnel in 2018, making the alpine Tunnel a real success.

Mont Blanc Tunnel Traffic stats

There are queues lining up both in the entrance and exit of the Mont Blanc Tunnel almost every single day. So, as you can imagine the traffic is quite heavy both ways. 

  • On average, 4860 vehicles used the Tunnel each day in 2007—3201 light vehicles, 1616 HGVs, and 42 coaches.
  • In 2011, the average number of vehicles per day was 5,113 (about 1.87 million per year). 
  • In 2015, it celebrated its 50th anniversary—with a record 60 million vehicles passing through the bridge.
  • In 2018, the number of heavy goods vehicles that cross the Mont Blanc Tunnel was 786,285


How to pay the tolls of the Mont Blanc Tunnel

The rates for both the Mont Bland and Frejus Alpine tunnels are revised every year on January Tariffs are adjusted each year by applying to the existing rate a percentage equal to the average of the inflation rates in the two countries in the previous year, plus any extraordinary supplements set by governments.

The toll provides funding for the teams charged with maintaining safety and quality of service and for investments to maintain and improve the condition of the two Franco-Italian Tunnels. Since 2005, toll rates have varied according to the class and Euro standard of the vehicle, the Tunnel crossed and its type (heavy goods vehicles – exceptional transport), and the direction of travel.

The tariffs for the same class and type of transit are different on the Italian and French sides due to varying tax rates in the countries involved: 22% IVA from Italy and 20% TVA from France.

Payment of tolls is possible with cash (Euro), credit cards from major banking networks (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Bancomat, Moneta), smartphone payments (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay), or with Easytrip Transport Services.

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Important closure dates (September – December 2024) for the Mont Blanc tunnel due to reconstruction

From Monday 2 September 2024 (starting at 5 PM) to Monday 16 December 2024 (until 5 PM) the Mont Blanc Tunnel is going to be closed to traffic! Due to its six-decade history, this tunnel is undergoing extensive structural renovation utilizing cutting-edge techniques. These enhancements aim to ensure drivers enjoy a safer and more sustainable journey.

Discover the whole calendar and the alternative routes here: APRIL-DECEMBER 2024 – TOTAL CLOSURES TO TRAFFIC and ALTERNATING ONE-WAY TRAFFIC | Mont Blanc (

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Crossing the Mont Blanc Tunnel with Easytrip Transport Services

Easytrip Transport Services offers tailor-made packages to offer more attractive rates and various benefits when travelling through the MontBlanc Tunnel. With Easytrip Transport Services solutions, category 3 or 4 vehicles (vehicles with two to three axles or more) can benefit from far more attractive rates than the conventional price. A one-way ticket via the Mont Blanc tunnel costs just 50% of the return trip price, saving you 25% for a one-way journey. As a bonus, Easytrip Transport Services also gives transport companies an end-of-year discount equivalent to a percentage of the total amount spent on tolls throughout the year!


2023 Mont Blanc Toll Rates for Heavy Goods Vehicles

Costs vary depending on the vehicle category, euro standards, and the type of transport.

For two-axle vehicles with a height of more than 3 m and having a Euro Class of 5 or 6, the fee is 145.45 euros for a one-way ticket. Prices increase for heavy goods vehicles with three or more axles that measure or exceed 3 m in height or have a total weight of over 3.5 tonnes. In this case, the fee for a one-way ticket to cross the Mont Blanc tunnel is 295 euros.

Road transport companies are also entitled to an ad hoc service with an online booking system for one or several journeys with SMS confirmation. The “Mont Blanc” and “Fréjus” cards (valid for these two Alpine tunnels) are delivered free of charge. Transactions and invoices can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the Easytrip Transport Services customer area. If any problems or difficulties arise when booking, a dedicated information hotline is available seven days a week.

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