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Get your certificate for all your cabotage and cross-trade journeys in Europe. All in one single online platform

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Operating with posted truck driver
in Europe?

Fulfill with the European Mobility laws now !


Since February 2022, all EU countries have adapted their national laws to meet the new posted regulation framed by the European Mobility Package.
Get your certificate online for your posted truck drivers for all your cabotage and cross-trade journeys in Europe, all in one single platform.

Benefit from a bespoke platform to manage your Posted Drivers compliance

1 single online portal to to manage your posting of certificates across Europe (IMI or National system)

A local team speaking your language to face authorities and answer questions on your behalf


A local team of legal experts to assist you in all matters of the mobility package


Up to date information on Posting laws, minimum wages and remuneration rules

Simplified management and storing of all your compulsory documents in one place

Easytrip Transport Service Real time Automation

Tacho Data Analysis and Management of infringements & Security for your ERRU Index

I want to be compliant with the new European Mobility package

The new Mobility Package, at a glance

For non EU companies

Transmission of the declarations through the new Internal Market Information system - IMI - is applicable only to companies established in EU, doing cross-trade journeys and/or cabotage operations and for the driver having a direct contract with the company.

For non EU companies

Companies established outside EU continue managing the postings through the national systems (like SIPSI), as their posting operations are not governed by the new harmonized declaration system, but still by national formalities. The same applies to workers hired through temporary work agency or doing Intragroup trip.

For non EU companies

Drivers doing pure international bilateral transport operations are not considered as posting anymore, so no posting declaration is required.