Toll payment in Norway

Our comprehensive toll solutions to drive in Norway.

Driving on the Norwegian motorways and through the Svinesund bridge has never been easier!

Telepass and AutoPass Boxes, the E100 card or the Eurovignette? We’re here to advise you on the best option for your toll payments in Norway.

By choosing an Interoperable OBU, you opt for

  • Toll payments in multiple countries with one single device
  • Post payment solutions
  • One set of invoices

Telepass SAT Box

Telepass SAT Box for your HGVs

  • Pay tolls in Norway and up to 13 additional countries.
  • Over The Air functionality: remotely add, remove countries, vehicle data and license plates in real time.
  • Pay for selected ferry lines and parkings.
  • Track & Manage your fleet with K-Master telematics and benefit from a dedicated mobile app!
Autopass OBU

Autopass Box for your HGVs

  • Pay tolls in Norway and on the Øresund, Svinnesund, and Storebaelt bridges.
  • Pay for selected ferry lines and bridges in Norway.

By choosing a vignette, you opt for

A digital and convenient option to pay toll quickly and easily withou installing an OBU.


Eurovignette for your HGVs

  • Pay tolls in Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, and the Netherlands.
  • Contact us and purchase it now!
  • Pick between daily, weekly, monthly or annual option.
  • Drive directly after booking it.
  • No proof of purchase required.