Arianna II Toll SAT Box: Toll payments and beyond! Optimize your journeys across Europe

Arianna II Toll SAT Box: Toll payments and beyond! Optimize your journeys across Europe

The Arianna II Toll Sat unit is a reliable option for tolling, easily integrated into your truck’s cabin.

Simplify your European logistics and unlock a world of efficiency with Easytrip Transport Services. Optimize toll payments across 17 countries, and leverage our dedicated services for a hassle-free journey.





Pay for HGV Tolls in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Belgium (+Liefkenshoek tunnel), Germany, Poland*, Scandinavia **, Switzerland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Croatia! Slovakia & Slovenia coming soon!

* Poland: A4 section + eToll 

** Scandinavia: Denmark, Sweden (Storebaelt & Oresund bridges), Norway (toll roads & ferry services)

Drive Optimized Decisions in Real-Time with KMaster Telematics

  • Real-time vehicle geolocation: for monitoring and optimizing operations
  • Track driving/rest hours: to effectively plan business activities
  • Calculate trip costs and duration: including tolls and fuel consumption
  • Display strategic locations: to select the best routes.
  • Messaging service: to communicate with drivers
  • Driver activities: remotely download tachograph data for real-time visibility
  • Refueling and consumption monitoring: to detect irregularities
  • Legal compliance: to avoid fines related to tachograph data and driving time violations
  • Store photos of damages: on the platform for traceability in insurance disputes
  • Quick location searches: optimize mission travel times and profitability
  • Reports: on each vehicle’s activities

Secure Parking Payment Option

Leave parking worries behind. Experience seamless payments and focus on your business. Easytrip handles the rest.

Enjoy effortless transactions at affiliated lots in France, Spain, and Italy thanks to the Telepass SAT device.

Pay for ferries in Italy & Norway

Arianna II lets you seamlessly navigate through dedicated lanes, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process. Breeze through payments with Telepass on your Sicily (Villa S.Giovanni – Messina with Caronte) or Norway ferry journeys.

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