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Easytrip Transport Services keeps your fleet moving with the interoperable Telepass K1 SAT

Published on 10.30.2023, by Isabelle Gacha

Telepass K1: The OBU device to support you in every country you are travelling to!

For over 35 years, we have been successively gaining the trust of business partners thanks to our commitment to projects, and the expert knowledge derived from these experiences allows us to present our clients with the best solutions by analyzing their individual transport needs. Working with leading providers on the EETS market, Easytrip Transport Services provides the most comprehensive toll services across Europe. Our portfolio is based on interoperable toll solutions, including the recently added Telepass K1 SAT device. This device allows you to pay for toll roads in 14 European countries, such as Poland (A4 section + eToll), Germany, Belgium (+ Liefkenshoek tunnel), France, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia (Storebaelt and Oresund bridges in Denmark and Sweden and toll roads and ferries in Norway), Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Italy. In addition, the device allows you to pay for secure parking in France, Italy and Spain.

K1 App. One powerful App to control everything in your fleet and help you organize your trip

Thanks to the innovative technology that the Telepass K1 SAT on-board device is equipped with, the vehicle driver has access to previously unavailable information through a dedicated application. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Safe mode allows access to the PAN number without interfering with the operation of the device, especially useful in France, Spain and Portugal,

Remote self-configuration: a simple and quick way to update the number of axles and weight class of the vehicle,

Vehicle data preview: easy and intuitive access to the settings of the current vehicle registration number, its weight and the minimum number of axles,

Push notifications: allow you to keep track of important changes/events, making each trip safer and more comfortable,

Documentation: constant access to instructions that may be useful on the go. The necessary vehicle declaration for the inspection authorities of Hungary, Austria and Scandinavia will always be available and updated in the app.

Thanks to these solutions, Telepass K1 SAT is the perfect companion for your drivers!

The good news for all its users is the announcement of the manufacturer, adding soon new toll networks: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia! Thanks to which the coverage of Telepass K1 SAT will increase the coverage of countries.

In order to best meet the expectations of our customers and help them fully manage their activities, Easytrip Transport Services provides each of its customers with an internet portal. In addition to the classic functions, such as downloading invoices, constant access to information about services, statuses of submitted applications for VAT or excise duty refunds, our clients can view current, daily transactions and export them.


Easytrip Transport Services supports your business with solutions tailored to your needs!

In our day-to-day business, we focus on facilitating transport operations by providing convenience, choice and competitive prices in a wide range of services:

– Toll: Toll collection devices in 29 countries and regions.

– Ferries – Trains – Tunnels: booking 700 different ferry connections, Alpine tunnel crossings and European Rolling Road (ROLA) connections in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia. Constant access to the booking platform allows you to manage and modify your bookings on your own, and to react quickly in the event of sudden changes.

– VAT and excise tax refund: VAT recovery in 30 European countries, and excise tax refund in 7 countries. We ensure easy and fast recovery thanks to our own teams of experts.

Telematic Fleet Management: A comprehensive telematics fleet management solution, integrated with the Power Intelligence data platform, gives you the opportunity to improve the cost efficiency, sustainability and safety of your trucks, trailers and drivers.

Posted Driver Services: an intuitive platform to obtain and manage posted driver certificates for all cabotage and cross-trade operations in Europe.

– Fuel cards: access to 29,000 stations in 36 countries with additional services such as breakdown assistance, parking and car wash reservations.


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