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Streamlining HGV Travel in Greece with Easytrip Transport Services

Published on 11.02.2023, by Isabelle Gacha

Travel smoothly in Greece. Thanks to our Booking portal and Tolls solutions

As a hub for international trade and tourism, Greece relies on its expansive road network to connect its cities, ports, and borders. For businesses operating in Greece, selecting the right partner is paramount to ensure efficient travel and optimal budget planning. Collaborating with Easytrip Transport Services unlocks significant cost and time savings. With our comprehensive suite of services, including electronic toll collection for Greece, Easytrip is transforming the way HGV drivers traverse the country’s road network.

Seamless Toll Solutions for HGV’s:

Electronic toll collection (ETC) system has revolutionized the HGV travel experience in Greece. By providing one single device, Easytrip helps HGV drivers to smoothly travel to eight toll networks, encompassing renowned routes such as Attiki Odos, Olympia Odos, Moreas Highway, Ionian Road, Nea Odos, Raches of Fthiotida-Key of Imathia (Aegean Motorway), Egnatia Odos, and the iconic Rio-Antirio Bridge. Thanks to this service you will benefit from a post-payment mode to optimize business cash flow and a single, consolidated invoice for efficient toll expense tracking. Our customers will benefit as well from discounts on the Attiki Odos network!

Reserving ferries for Greece, with our booking platform

Easytrip Transport Services goes above and beyond toll collection, providing a global approach to optimize your travel logistics in Greece. Gain exclusive access to our 24/7 booking portal, empowering you to seamlessly reserve ferries on the Long Bridge, connecting Spain and Portugal to Greece. Our user-friendly booking portal ensures effortless reservations, allowing fleet managers to focus on their core operations.

By combining with Greek VAT refund services, you can maximize your return on investment and unlock further cost efficiencies.

Let Easytrip Transport Services be the trusted companion to hauliers, leveraging their innovative solutions to streamline the journey in Greece. We are committed to delivering unmatched convenience and support to our customers. Moreover, our dedicated support team is available providing prompt assistance and expert guidance whenever needed.


With Easytrip Transport Services, you can travel with confidence, knowing that a reliable and responsive partner stands behind you. Discover more, by filling the form below!

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