Easytrip Transport Services Triumphs at 2023 Business Awards by the French Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands

Published on 09.25.2023, by Déborah Haddab

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Sept 13th 2023

In a momentous celebration of achievement and dedication, Easytrip Transport Services is proud to announce its victory in the 2023 Business Awards hosted by the French Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. This prestigious recognition is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and dedicated service to valued clients and partners.

Easytrip Transport Services stands as the winner in the category of Business Development France – Netherlands, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey. The award underscores the company’s exceptional contributions to fostering business growth and development between France and the Netherlands.

In 2011, Egis acquired Transpass BV to enter the European road mobility services sector, leading to the birth of “Easytrip Transport Services.” Since then, our growth has been driven by both organic expansion and strategic acquisitions. The Netherlands has been a focal point of success for Easytrip Transport Services. It is within the Dutch landscape that the company has experienced remarkable achievements, fueled by two pivotal acquisitions: JW Versluis NV in 2016 and Nebu Transport Services BV in 2022. These acquisitions underscore Easytrip Transport Services’ enduring commitment to the Dutch market, and its well-established presence in the region serves as compelling evidence of the company’s dedication and strategic acumen.

The Easytrip’s commitment to providing exceptional transport services remains steadfast, and this award further fuels its determination to continue exceeding expectations.

The team at Easytrip Transport Services is at the heart of this success story. Their passion and professionalism have been pivotal in achieving this award.

We also extend our appreciation to our clients and partners for their trust and unwavering support. It is through their collaboration that Easytrip Transport Services has achieved remarkable growth and reached this pinnacle of recognition.

The French Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands deserves commendation for their role in acknowledging and celebrating companies that make a significant impact in the business landscape. Easytrip Transport Services is honored to be counted among such esteemed organizations.

As Easytrip Transport Services continues to chart new horizons and set benchmarks in the road mobility services sector, this award serves as a shining symbol of its dedication to excellence & innovation!

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