Fleet telematics

  • Fleet management solutions
  • Partnerships with key transport companies
  • Regional teams across Europe

Fleet telematics

  • Fleet management solutions
  • Partnerships with key transport companies
  • Regional teams across Europe

Fleet telematics has become an indispensable tool in modern fleet management. At Easytrip Transport Services, we understand the dynamic needs of managing a fleet, whether it‘s trucks, buses, or light commercial vehicles. Telematics technology provides real-time data and analytics, enabling businesses to optimize their operations. By integrating fleet telematics into your management strategy, you gain insights into vehicle performance, driver behaviour, fuel efficiency, and much more.

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    Maximizing efficiency with fleet telematics

    Fleet telematics offers comprehensive solutions that go beyond basic vehicle tracking. It‘s about creating a smarter, more connected fleet. For instance, telematics data can help in identifying the nearest and most suitable truck parking spots, reducing downtime and enhancing driver safety. The data collected through fleet telematics aids in making informed decisions, from route planning to maintenance scheduling. This not only saves time and costs but also helps in adhering to compliance standards. With Easytrip Transport Services, leveraging fleet telematics becomes an easy step towards achieving superior fleet management.


    Toll Payment Solutions

    Drive through Toll Networks in Europe. We’ve got multi-country and regional toll devices covering 29 countries


    Ferry, Tunnel and Train Bookings

    Board Ferries and Trains or Simply drive through Tunnels. Explore more than 700+ ferry routes, Rail connections, and tunnel crossings!


    VAT and Excise Duty

    Recover your cost with VAT and Excise Refunds. Our tax experts can help with VAT registration, refunds, and fuel excise duty reimbursement.


    Fuel Cards

    Get the right card for your HGV's. Refuel across 29,000 gas stations in Europe.


    Telematics Fleet Management

    Take your performance to the next level using Telematics. Tailor-made telematics solutions to harness your fleet data and maximize profitability.


    Parking, Booking and Payment

    Take a rest in one of many Secure Parking sites throughout Europe and feel refreshed for the next drive. 

    Learn more about telematics solutions for your business

    Interested in discovering how fleet telematics can transform your business operations? Contact us to delve deeper into the world of advanced fleet management. Easytrip Transport Services offers tailored fleet management solutions designed to cater to your unique business needs. Whether you‘re looking to optimize routes, enhance safety, or streamline toll payments, our telematics solutions provide the answer. Stay informed and ahead in the fleet management game by reading our blog, where we regularly update on the latest trends and technologies in fleet telematics. 


    Toll Payment Solutions

    From local toll networks options to multi-country services throughout Europe, we’ve got your LGV's covered!

    Ferry Bookings

    Board your mini buses on Ferries and gain access to competitive booking prices


    VAT Refunds

    Recover your cost with VAT Refunds. We can quickly and efficiently recover your VAT wherever possible according to local tax regulations.


    Secure Parkings

    Combine your toll devices with specific agreements to park in special areas in France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy