Cashback campaign

Receive a refund on tolls for delays of 15 minutes or more.

Cashback campaign

Receive a refund on tolls for delays of 15 minutes or more.

Get a free refund on tolls if you were delayed by worksites on Autostrade per l’Italia’s network

You are eligible to receive a refund on tolls (up to 100%) for delays of 15 minutes or more caused by worksites on selected routes of the Autostrade per l’Italia network.

As part of our Consortium, you can benefit from our agreement with Telepass and be part of this initiative promoted by ASPI (Autostrade per L’Italia) in collaboration with Free to X S.r.l.

Accrued refunds are calculated based on transits made since September 15, 2021, and for tolls paid with your Telepass devices (Telepass SAT, Telepass V5, Telepass Arianna 1,Telepass Low-End, Telepass DM03 TE for light commercial vehicles).

All the construction sites on the Refundable Routes that affect the road system due to lane reduction (excluding the emergency lane) are also identified by specific ordinances. Worksites for urgent safety restoration following accidents are not included.

Refunds will be issued to you automatically and free of charge. We have already sent out the first tranche of refunds at the end of October 2022!

List of the Refundable Routes

Sections within the Motorway Network managed by ASPI that constitute the “closed” System, delimited by an entry station and an exit station, located on the motorway axis*. The refundable sections are:

  • A1: Milano – Napoli (except the “non-refundable Routes” listed below)
  • A1 var: La Quercia – Aglio (direttissima)
  • A4: Milano Est – Brescia Ovest
  • A7: Serravalle Scrivia – Genova Ovest
  • A8/A26: Gallarate Ovest – Innesto A26
  • A10: Genova – Savona
  • A11: Firenze – Pisa Nord
  • A12: Genova – Sestri Levante
  • A13: Bologna – Padova
  • A14: Bologna – Taranto
  • A16: Napoli – Canosa
  • A23: Udine Nord – Tarvisio
  • A26: Genova Prà – Lago Maggiore
  • A27: Venezia – Belluno
  • A30: Caserta – Salerno

*motorway access and motorway exit junctions are excluded from the refund calculation


List of Non-Refundable Routes

Sections managed by Autostrade per l’Italia S.p.A. belonging to “open” Systems:

  • A1: Roma Nord – Roma (GRA)
  • A1: Milano Sud – Milano (Freeways)
  • A1: Caserta Sud – Raccordo A3
  • A8: Milano – Varese
  • A9: Lainate – Ponte Chiasso
  • A12: Civitavecchia – Roma (GRA)
  • A16: Napoli Est – Raccordo A1

Sections within the Italian motorway network not managed by Autostrade per l’Italia S.p.A.:

  • A3: Napoli – Salerno
  • A4: Torino – Milano Est
  • A4: Brescia Ovest – Trieste
  • A5: Torino – Monte Bianco
  • A6: Torino – Savona
  • A7: Milano – Serravalle
  • A10: Savona – Ventimiglia
  • A12: Sestri Levante – Rosignano
  • A12: Tarquinia – Civitavecchia
  • A15: Parma – La Spezia
  • A18: Messina – Catania
  • A19: Palermo – Catania
  • A20: Messina – Buonfornello
  • A21: Torino – Brescia
  • A22: Modena – Brennero
  • A23: Palmanova – Udine Sud
  • A24: Roma – Teramo
  • A25: Torano – Pescara
  • A28: Portogruaro – Conegliano
  • A29: Palermo – Mazara del Vallo
  • A31: Badia Polinese – Piovene Rocchette
  • A32: Torino – Bardonecchia
  • A33: Asti – Cuneo
  • A34: Villesse – Gorizia
  • A35: Brescia – Milano
  • A36: Cassano Magnago – Lentante sul Seveso
  • A50: San Giuliano Milanese – Terrazzano
  • A51: San Donato Milanese – Usmate Velate
  • A52: Senso San Giovanni – Rho
  • A53: Bereguardo – Pavia
  • A54: Pavia Nord – San Martino Siccomario
  • A55: Falchera – Trofarello
  • A56: Napoli – Pozzuoli
  • A57: Dolo – Quarto d’Altino
  • A58: Agrate Brianza – Cerro al Lambro
  • A59: Villa Guardia – Acquanegra
  • A60: Gazzada – Vedano Olona
  • A90: Grande Raccordo Anulare (GRA)
  • A91: Roma – Aeroporto Fiumicino
  • SPV: Montecchio Maggiore – Conegliano

Motorway tunnels:

  • T1: Monte Bianco Tunnel
  • T2: Gran San Bernardo Tunnel
  • T4: Frejus Tunnel

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