slovakian and slovenian telepass and t4e toll network

Simplify your travels with Toll4Europe and Telepass OBUs now including Slovakian and Slovenian toll networks!

Published on 04.08.2024, by Martina PAGLIARANI

Exciting news from our Toll providers! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of new routes available on our toll boxes from the beginning of April.

  • Toll4Europe OBUs now include access to the Slovakia toll network.
  • Telepass K1 OBUs (soon available on Arianna II) grant access to the Slovenia toll network.

The Slovak toll network will be implemented on K1 Telepass SAT devices in the coming days!

These additions cater to vehicles over 3.5t (N2, N3) and buses (M2, M3), offering a seamless travel experience.

Drive through the most important Slovakian routes with Toll4Europe and Telepass Device:

  • 660 Km Motorways and expressways
  • 3.630 Km First Class roads
  • 3.640 Km Second Class roads
  • 9.840 Km Thirs Class roads

Unlock Savings: Benefit from Discounts on this network!

With our expanded route networks through Toll4Europe and Telepass OBUs, you can now enjoy more than just convenience – you can also unlock exclusive discounts!

The discount is a percentage deduction from the prevailing tariff, commencing after driving 5,000 kilometers within the calendar year. This calculation initiates on January 1st annually and is applied to each vehicle individually, based on its respective kilometers traveled. Discounts are not cumulative across multiple vehicles owned by the same company.

Travel effortless on Slovenian’s Main Roads with Telepass K1 SAT box:

Telepass K1 Toll devices allow payments in the Slovenian Motorways network managed by DARS, covering a distance of 624.9 Km.

Soon the Slovenian toll route will be implemented on Arianna II devices too.

Say goodbye to hassle and hello to convenience with our enhanced toll services. Plan your journey today! Fill the form now, our Toll expert will contact you shortly:

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