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Published on 01.09.2024, by Déborah Haddab

Integrating trains, tunnels, and ferries into your fleet’s operations provides an augmented level of operational streamlining. Utilizing multiple modes of transport creates efficient intermodal connectivity, providing more flexible and versatile routes. Coordinating ferry routes, train connections, and Alpine tunnels can be a challenge for fleet managers. But Easytrip Transport Services offers a solution—the Quotation and Booking Platform (Q&B)—promising not just manageability but also fast pace.

Enhance your fleet management with Easytrip’s fresh booking platform, designed for simple and comfortable bookings.

We’re delighted to introduce our new booking platform. It’s a significant advancement for businesses handling transportation. Our booking hub aims to streamline connections between roads, trains, and ships. And now, the upgraded version brings a range of new features to enrich the user experience!

Book a trip with us: starting with ferries, tunnels and trains. Discover all the benefits:

  1. Enhanced Interface: We’ve revamped the platform’s user interface for a more user-friendly experience, featuring interactive maps.
  2. Seamless Credit Card Payments: To make life simpler, we’ve introduced smooth credit card payments. Now, you can pay for bookings and services securely with just a few clicks.
  3. Optimal Routes: Our system helps plan efficient routes, cutting costs and delivery times.
  4. Effortless Bookings: Say goodbye to complicated and time-consuming booking processes. Our platform simplifies it all, helping you save time and resources.

Once a booking is finalized on our platform, users swiftly receive confirmation via text or email. The real-time functionality empowers fleet managers to make quick decisions and adjustments, ensuring adaptability in the ever-changing transportation landscape.

Understanding the non-stop nature of transportation, our dedicated booking department operates round the clock, including evenings and weekends. Whether you need help with reservations or last-minute changes, our support team is prepared to provide quick and dependable assistance.

What sets Easytrip’s platform apart is its access to over 700 ferry lines, Alpine tunnels, and trains. This wide network empowers fleet managers to find the most suitable connections. Through partnerships with major European operators, the Q&B platform offers competitive discounts and customized rates. It goes beyond just being convenient; it’s an affordable way to handle all your fleet’s management needs.

In the changing world of transportation, adopting new ideas is crucial. We provide a complete and budget-friendly way to make fleet management smoother. We simplify trips, improve routes, and bring a higher level of booking efficiency for ferries, trains, and tunnels.

Do you want to take charge of making operations more efficient? Lead an efficiency-driven initiative by exploring Easytrip’s Q&B Platform today!

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