Environmental Responsibility: Doing Our Part to Promote Sustainability

Published on 09.04.2023, by Isabelle Gacha

Climate Change for Easytrip Transport Service

Climate change, environmental impact, and greenhouse gas emissions —these are terms often heard in the media. However, it’s easy to feel disconnected from these global issues in our daily lives. That’s precisely why we are wholeheartedly dedicated to supporting eco-friendly initiatives, not just in our portfolio but also through our internal corporate policies.

Our mission is to empower fleet managers with choices that make a positive difference to both the environment and their bottom line. We offer a range of options, such as facilitating ferry and rail bookings, to promote intermodal transport and minimize the overall CO2 emissions associated with shipping goods across Europe. Additionally, our fuel services cover alternative fuels like LNG, which further contributes to reducing carbon emissions.

To bolster the sustainability of fleets, telematics is not optional. This technology enhances vehicle utilization, curbs fuel consumption, and optimizes journey planning by identifying the most efficient routes.

Eurovignette regulation as a solution for the climate change

Another major project is the Eurovignette regulation (Eurovignette Directive1999/62/EC) which is effective since March 24th 2022 with a 24-months period for the EU member states for its implementation and transition into national law. This directive aims to promote sustainable transport and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector Directive. Germany will be the first country to introduce these emission categories, starting December 1st, 2023. Austria will soon follow, starting January 1st, 2024. Easytrip Transport Services and our Toll partners are getting ready to ensure a seamless implementation. Our team will support our customers through this change.


By embracing these green solutions, we aim to create a cleaner, greener future for the transportation industry while also boosting cost-effectiveness for our clients.

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